Transferring the European Shooters Meeting flag tot Leudal’s mayor

During the European Shooters Meeting closing ceremony in Peine in Germany the president of the European Community of Shooters Guilds, Charles-Louis Prince of Merode, handed over to mayor Arno Verhoeven the flag and at the same time the organization of this unique event.
For three days Peine presented a motley collection of shooters form whole Europe. These shooters showed what this meeting is about: fraternisation and celebration with shooters coming from all the corners of Europe.

Picture: 3ML
Organization 2018 in Leudal
Upon an invitation of the European Community of Shooters Guilds the organization of the European Shooters Meeting 2018, united in the EST Leudal 2018 foundation, visited Peine in Germany together with a delegation of the Leudal Municipal Executive. During this visit the Executive and the organization saw that it is a pleasure and a great honour to be allowed to organize the European Shooters Meeting. This event not only calls attention to the shooters’ world but it gives a particular magic to the town of Leudal, the area and the province of Limburg.