Discover the green heart of Limburg

In 2018, the town of Leudal – situated in the heart of the Limburg province – will be host of the European Shooters Meeting 2018. Germany and Belgium are never distant. The region is characterised by its long borders and it has a long history being subjected to foreign rules. The DNA of this province is a mix of Dutch sobriety, commercial spirit and hospitality, German thoroughness and Belgian vitality.

The European Shooters Meeting will be an excellent opportunity to bring together the shooters from several European countries. Where do you organize this better than in Dutch Limburg with its numerous cross-border activities?



Leudal is a colourful town: nature, culture and history are nearby and you will find these elements in the 16 villages. It is for a good reason that so many tourists find Leudal for a short or prolonged stay.